Our organization has recently expanded to helping animals as well as our low income community members and veterans. Animals have no voice but we are here to help them be heard.

Donations of dog/cat food, toys, beds, cleaning products are greatly appreciated by us and our animal friends.


Pet Re-Homing/Surrendering

Our organization also accepts surrendered pets. Our organization will take in the pet that you are surrendering and keep it as long as we can in order to find it a home. Re-homing is our goal in order to keep the animal healthy, happy, and less stressed than if they were to be put into a shelter.

However, if we can't find the your pet a home in a timely manner, we will surrender it to a no-kill shelter. We make this hard decision easier for you. Have peace of mind that the pet you are leaving will be in good hands.

Featured Animal In Need!

None right now! Please visit your local shelter if you are looking to adopt.